DEEN punch&chisel set


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      Drone-only tool set

      ~Fly, as well as maintenance responsible for~

      In recent years, what with the buzz on drones.
      It is of interest and is contrary to the industrial drone pilot, is overwhelmingly lacking, and the
      Pilot training is urgent.
      This product is,its pilot training school opened by the robot company and the joint development of products, and more.

      Daily maintenance of the indispensable tools for the drone-only tool set.
      The original case is DEENxSKYROBOT logo on it.

      Important drone and politely face-to-face with a person time,Japan, Germany, Swiss quality tools and excellent comfort.

      Punch 1. 5, 2, 3, 4mm
      Pin punch
      Chisel 11. 5mm



      Other manufacturers also have 1. 5mm parallel punch made of
      Chisel and pin punch have a wide range available.
      Plating type and banging out that you are using peeling off, the injury to which the customer's information from
      Shiny plating to sell for the DEEN, but this product just is satin finished and have a......

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