DEEN Multi-Purpose Bit Ratchet


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      [Product specifications:]
      Overall length of bit ratchet: 127mm
      Tooth count: 72-tooth
      Extension length: 100mm

      With a locking flex-head, you can select an optimal angle on the handle to aid in your fastening tasks.
      According to your situational needs, you can use the included extension attachment in combination with the bit ratchet to create different configurations.
      When the extension is inserted into the ratcheting gear drive with the dotted lines in alignment with the white dot on the ring gear, the extension slides through to create a T-handle style tool. At the end of the bit ratchet handle is a 1/4" hex opening with a built-in magnet to hold 1/4" hex bits.
      With the dotted lines on the extension inserted offset from the white dot, the extension can be used in the standard manner, to drive 1/4" hex bits that you insert at the end of the extension.
      All these features make for one useful, multi-purpose bit ratchet.

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