DEEN wrench necklace (tourmaline)


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    • manufacturer: DEENTOOLS
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      DEEN accessories of the series for a second appearance.
      Combination wrench motif pendant top is the last wrench ring as well as a pretty elaborately made.
      Handmade in japan

      Here is the spanner part of the 6 angle nut motif pedestal, jewelry to your model.
      ※The photograph is a diamond, put models.
      * Photos of jewelry are image. The actual color and the slight difference that there.
      【When ordering, please check】
      This product is made to order for the order after returns, exchanges basically we please.
      Therefore, the method of payment also by Bank transfer,card payment only please thank you.
      Please note like,Thank you.

      About the delivery time,after receiving the order and approximately 1 to 1.5 months as in completing the process.
      Material: silver 925
      Length: 45.5 mm

      * Accessory strap is leather.
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