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It can be purchased at the following nationwide factory gear or on the EC site operated by Factory Gear.

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We cut intermediate distribution expenses through direct transactions with tool manufacturer factories and provide high-quality products at low cost.

From Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and China, we produce products in partnership with specialized tool manufacturers in each category.

Yes. Currently, we are adopted as standard tools by major automobile manufacturers and dealers. We also use professional field evaluations to develop new products.

Except for some items, it is possible to repair items.

We prepare all items that cannot be prepared due to the characteristics of the product (non-maintenance structure, etc.).

Please contact us from your local factory gear or the address below.

Yes, all PRODUCTS of the DEEN brand are covered under warranty.

Details are posted below. About the warranty

DeENJ is positioned as a child (Jr) of DEEN, and aims to quickly deliver unique tools to users, gather market evaluations, and create "DEEN" with a higher degree of perfection. It is one of the challenges to develop tools for a new era that is user-friendly.