Specific providers take the lead Law table

Time of payment

  • Credit cards: for each credit card company's terms and conditions based on payment due date
  • Bank transfer (advance payment):a product order after 14 business days

Method of payment

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer

Date of product delivery

We help customers by payment after checking the goods procured.
Our in stock products is about 2~5 business days to ship items.
In this case, the order reception from 2-3 days after delivery.

* Customer depending on your country of residence delivery date is around that of the Earth.
Our in stock products are ordered after the shipping notice.
In this case, ordered in 90 days, we may ask you to.
Delivery time about a separate e-mail.
And,in any case, all disasters, or shipping congestion and other troubles by the arrival of the goods is delayed to May.

The initial defective product returns, and return information about


  • Product your receipt, including the day within 1 Week please contact us and we will initial defect goods※1 only the corresponding the candidate.
  • An initial failure in advance whether the confirmation order,the customer photos of the product and activity review fee. Parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

※1. Here the initial defects and product manufacturing defects, breakage, and the product having the performance of the lack of Things refers.
Customer use of the application does not conform to the have reasons or due to changes specification changes and function changes this initial failure is not applicable.
Or,the wrong use,by external factors such as damage,private customers in the correct handling of it, and if not, even if the return exchange is received cannot be.

Return about

Return shipping is customers responsibility Please.
Manufacturers,and distributors, Trading Company Products unit than the"initial defective products", if it is determined that the onlyCovered by customer or the shipping point or the payment will also be refunded to you.

* For refunds,the shipping company to pay us the shipping receipt and a report to be presented to you.

Goods after confirmation of flow

  • Check the product manufacturer to submit inspection results to wait for things, and more.
    Manufacturers of the circumstances,determined in 1 months and some time may not. Parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • After shipment of the initial failure and limited product,the manufacturer's production completed,
    Or for any other reason, alternative arrangements can be made if you do not,the product price will be refunded to will respond.
  • The manufacturer's inspection by the health products and if it is determined,the postage will be paid by the customer.
    Or, inspection methods, normal goods of the judgment criteria, such as is confidential and that a lot of customers to the disclosure of the will. Parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

Order cancellation

In principle, you cannot cancel your order.
However, the products ordered are long-term stock that was in the case, from us confirming your cancellation, we will send you an e-mail,
When the email was sent within 3 days from the date of the review period, as long as the order can be cancelled.

※Junk email filter and email address the deficiencies in our side from the mail bounced please.

We ship after the shipping company of your check expires, the
Our goods are sent back to come if you cancelled and is not
Return at the time of delivery, freight and re-delivery of freight by adding(customer),products to relapse and so we shall ever be with the Lord
Be sure and check the deadline to receive.

The contract of sale cancel

Products after shipment, we by default if there were other laws on the cancellation of the event, unless there
Cancellation (contract termination)is desired or not.

Return rider

For the convenience of the customer to return and Exchange, and will be rejected(return rider without).
Products the received on,please order.

Defect liability clause(the initial defects other than the products)

Any latent defect in goods(contract NC), if there was
The customer is the fact that you know within 3 months from there, and deliver the goods within 1 year from the date you to the fact that we can, as long as we repair, replacements,returns (returned exchange for the payment of some or all of the refund)or exchange will be accepted.

However, when using the problem is not the level of the small scratches and dirt are excluded.

The operator's name and address

Name of Business:Factory gear Co., Ltd.
Address: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan 2-7-1 Ando Building 2nd floor

Representatives or indications according to the act on specified commercial transactions name of the

Mail order contact Ueno, Shunsuke
MAIL: ask@f-gear.co.jp

Price and shipping cost other than the required fee

Shipping is flat 600 yen (excluding tax) will be.
Tax-excluded 5,000 yen online shop is free shipping on all merchandise shipping will.

※Some products,isolated Islands are excluded