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Factory gear Co., Ltd. (the"company"). The following policy, based on an individual customer's ID information (hereinafter"personal data"). Are covered by a single notification, a representative list of such works;

Article 1 compliance with laws and regulations, etc.

Personal Division the law on the protection of other personal information about the handling of specified laws, regulations, and guidelines of the relevant ministries and agencies and in-house regulations, etc., and adhere to it.

Article 2. acquisition and use of personal information

  1. The company for its business performance if necessary, with your consent, Your Name, Address, Date of birth, telephone number, facsimile number, email address and savings accounts and other personal information will.
  2. The Company shall use the acquired personal information for the following purposes (the"purpose of use"). For you to use.
    1. The customer of delivery of goods, and paid or free of charge by service
    2. ① Need to do in order to confirm the information of the contact
    3. Customers of direct mail campaign providing information
    4. The company's products and services related to marketing, customization, promotion, questionnaire survey and delivery of a reward, and these improvements
    5. The company sold or provided goods or services (services) related to warranty or customer requests, inquiries or complaints, etc. to respond to the use
    6. The supplier of the goods laws and regulations imposed by the obligation to quickly fulfill(fulfillment of obligations to prepare information.) Information necessary for the supplier to provide
    7. The operations of the company relating to the sale, purchase, consignment and consignment and other transactions management of the
  3. The company from the customer directly when acquiring personal information,the purpose of use clearly indicate otherwise, the purpose of use notified or announced.
  4. The company, when there is the prior consent of the customer, except as otherwise required by law or beyond the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of personal information not use.

Article 3. management of personal information

  1. Of personal information leakage, loss of, or damage to necessary measures to prevent and manage personal information properly.
  2. The handling of personal information regarding our employees,we do not sell or disclose any personal information about our users.
  3. If the company entrusts the handling of personal information to a third party,the third party, the purposes of use of personal information when collecting such information and will use personal information in.

Article 4 disclosure of personal information to third parties

  1. In the following cases, our company is, as long as the third party,your personal information is provided.
    1. The prior consent of the customer when there is a
    2. Within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of personal information when outsourcing
    3. Based on the law for the disclosure or provision of that information when
    4. The personal information that individuals cannot be identified the state(statistical data, etc.), processing and
    5. For the protection of life, limb or property is required,customer consent is difficult to obtain.
    6. For improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children in need,and when obtaining customer consent would be difficult and
    7. National or local governments, or those from contractors to carry out public business that is in need of cooperation, intended to carry out might interfere
  2. In addition to the methods mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the company and the following group companies of the company are,jointly,the use of personal information.
  3. Our prior in Section 2 based on personal information to third parties if you provide the following method of use
    1. E-mail and other online digital data submission(online service available)
    2. Document or an electronic record medium for mailing or transport
    3. Document facsimile transmission
    4. Oral transmission(by telephone only.)

Article 5. personal information disclosure, correction and suspension of use

  1. The company, a business operator handling personal information,customer personal information,customer or its agent from,personal information request us to disclose,correct, add or delete (hereinafter"corrections etc."). Claim or use, Erasure or suspension of provision to a third party (hereinafter"a use stop etc."). Of claims (hereinafter together referred to as"disclosure request") to a user. Or,any of the following items you can,without delay,the following stipulated measures. However, by decree, the following stipulated measures and do not have to except it.
    1. Disclosure on request when the POS registers disclosure of personal information.
    2. Disclosure in response not be disclosed without notification
    3. Correction of billing when there was a correction needed for the investigation
    4. The correction was performed when correction was performed the effect and correction of content of notification
    5. Correction to do so and shall notify
    6. Discontinuance of billing when there was a use stop, etc.
    7. Access, use or disclosure was or is to do so and shall notify
  2. 2 of the preceding paragraph, request the receiving Office Article 7, and. Incidentally, the direct visit to the company any other documents or e-mail notification by other methods by request and the request and handle it well.

Article 6. Personal Information System Maintenance

  1. - To process payments we may use the information users provide about themselves and the guidelines of the relevant ministries and agencies, etc. in order to comply with officers and employees(employment contracts, regardless of contract employees and temporary employees are also included.) For training, such as for the protection of personal information.
  2. The company regarding the handling of personal information and appoint someone to be in charge of the audit performed.

Article 7 Contact

This Privacy Policy other personal information regarding the handling of opinions and questions, the following contact and billing information. In addition, the company,customer feedback and questions for the sincere and appropriate response.

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* Customer accurate explanation and answer to us for how to contact a document or e-mail available,the telephone your level of expertise provided..

Article 8. revision of privacy policy

  1. Of personal information in order to further protect and law amendments, such as responding to this Privacy Policy, the contents of the review,without prior notice,and revised if necessary to do.
  2. Unless prevented by law or regulation, or if the company will be announced on this web site. In that case, unless otherwise we specify on our website from the time displayed,after the change of privacy policy will take effect immediately.