We are working with a number of media such as magazines, television and radio to communicate the appeal of tools.

Contact / Application

Factory Gear Public Relations Department
Phone: 03-5846-5131
Reception hours 10: 00-18: 00 (closed on weekends and holidays)  (Contact: Iida)


2019 appearance / art / interview cooperation

FY2018 Performer / Art / Interview Cooperation

2015 Art / Interview Cooperation (including ongoing)

2014 Art Cooperation (including some ongoing)

      • Kansai Television Broadcasting"Sanma manma"Used DEEN's TOOL BOX for this set.
      • Fuji TV drama"GTO"Used DEEN's TOOL BOX and hand tools.

Publication magazine

  • Gakken Co., Ltd. “Tool Book” vol.1-vo.7
  • Gakken Co., Ltd. “Tool omnibus”
  • Gakken Publishing Co., Ltd. "HAND TOOL BUYER'S GUIDE"
  • Shufu no Tomosha Co., Ltd. “Working! Tool Guide”
  • Sankaido “Introduction to Fine Tools”

Magazine serialization list

Coverage cooperation magazine

Past serialization and coverage cooperation magazine

Gakken `` Dupa! '' Hideaway Special Edition "Beautiful Men's Tools", Magazine House "Car Sub-Routus", World Photo Press "Mono Magazine", Tokuma Shoten "Monthly Goods Press", Railway Japan Company "Automotive Engineering" and many others.