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1/2SQ Shin Sibel

1/2SQ Shin Sibel

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"Sibel Lachet" can be used like a swing ratchet, stands vertically even in a narrow place and can be quickly turned like a driver.
Deen's long -selling item has released a new item "Shin Sibel", which has the potential to improve workability!
A horned angle is provided on the head of the swivel lachet, and it can be used in a form that matches the work scene in combination with various extensions and handles.
You can use a socket as it is, even in a narrow part that can only be reached.
If you attach a bit adapter, it will be like a ratchet driver!

The origin of "Shin" is
New ... The meaning of a new swivel
True ... The enthusiasm of a true swivel
Earthquake ... A severe earthquake runs in the tool industry
Susumu ... Evolution of Sivel Lachet
I tried to make such a meaning.

Insert angle: Heading 1/2SQ convex 1/2SQ
Number of gears: 72
Total length: 64mm
Width: 47mm
Head thickness: 43mm
Weight: 276g

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