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DEEN 1/4SQ Shallow Socket (12 corners)

DEEN 1/4SQ Shallow Socket (12 corners)

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DEEN's 1/4SQ socket is an excellent cost performance item.
It has a low price but has a safe accuracy and durability, and can be used as a main socket.

5.5mm ... outer diameter 8.2, total length 20mm
6mm ... outsideDiameter9.2, total length 20mm
7mm ... outsideDiameter10.4, total length 20mm
8mm ... outsideDiameter11.7, total length 20mm
10mm ... outsideDiameter13.8, total length 21mm
12mm ... outsideDiameter16.6, total length 21mm
13mm ... outsideDiameter17.6, total length 21.5mm
14mm ... outsideDiameter19.5, total length 21.5mm

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