DEEN 1/4" Drive 1/2" Socket (12pt) SAE


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      * Image shows 6 Point socket.

      1/4" Drive, 1/2" size SAE socket.

      7/32"---outer diameter 8.6mm, height 20mm
      1/4"---outer diameter 9.1mm, height 20mm
      9/32"---outer diameter 10.3mm, height 20mm
      5/16"---outer diameter 11.7mm, height 20mm
      3/8"---outer diameter 13.7mm, height 21mm
      7/16"---outer diameter 15.7mm, height 21mm
      1/2"---outer diameter 17.7mm, height 21.5mm
      9/16"---outer diameter 19.6mm, height 21.5mm

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