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DEEN 3/8sqe type Torx Socket

DEEN 3/8sqe type Torx Socket

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It is a star -shaped bolt socket used for car seat rails.
It controls the pumping and can be used for a low -head type.

E8 ... outer diameter 11mm, inner diameter 7.1mm
E10 ... outsideDiameter12.8mm, inner diameter 9mm
E12 ... outsideDiameter14.8mm, inner diameter 11mm
E14 ... outsideDiameter17.6mm, 12.9mm inner diameter
E16 ... outsideDiameter19.7mm, inner diameter 15.6mm
E18 ... outsideDiameter21.5mm, inner diameter 16.5mm

* The inner diameter is the value measured at the top of the inner groove.

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