DEEN 3/8SQE type Torx socket E8


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      With the chamfer machined at a shallower angle than conventional E-Torx sockets, it makes these E-Torx sockets compatible with low-profile external Torx fasteners as well.

      E8---outer diameter 11mm, inner diameter 7.1mm
      E10---outer diameter 12.8mm, inner diameter 9mm
      E12---outer diameter 14.8mm, inner diameter 11mm
      E14---outer diameter 17.6mm, inner diameter 12.9mm
      E16---outer diameter 19.7mm, inner diameter 15.6mm
      E18---outer diameter 21.5mm, inner diameter 16.5mm

      ※ Inner diameter is a measurement taken at the top of the socket, across the start of the Torx lobe profile.

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