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DEEN 3/8sq Shallow socket (6 corners)

DEEN 3/8sq Shallow socket (6 corners)

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It has a reputation for the small play with ratchet and the shortness of the back, and the plating surface is also beautiful.

8mm ... outer diameter 11.6, total length 21.2mm
10mm ... Out 14.3, total length 22.2mm
11mm ... outer diameter 15.4, total length 22.7mm
12mm ... outer diameter 16.7, total length 23.2mm
13mm ... outer diameter 17.6, total length 23.7mm
14mm ... outer diameter 19.6, total length 24.2mm
15mm ... outer diameter 20.7, total length 24.2mm
16mm ... outer diameter 21.7, total length 24.7mm
17mm ... outer diameter 23.3, total length 24.7mm
18mm ... outer diameter 24.5, total length 25.2mm
19mm ... outer diameter 25.7, total length 25.2mm
21mm ... outer diameter 27.7, total length 26.2mm
22mm ... outer diameter 29.5, total length 27.2mm
24mm ... outer diameter 31.7, total length 28.2mm

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