DEEN 3/8 Drive, Compact Swivel-Head Ratchet


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      [Product specifications:]
      Overall length: 155mm
      Tooth count: 72-tooth
      Head width: 32.3 mm
      Head height: 31.2 mm

      This is a 3/8 drive in a 1/4 drive style body, making it a very compact 3/8 drive swivel ratchet.

      With a swivelling head, not only does the ratchet function like a normal ratchet, it can be used to clear obstructions while ratcheting and even used like a screwdriver when operated in a vertical orientation to quickly spin fasteners.

      With the ratchet being used in a vertical orientation, the grip handle utilizes the same handle shape as those found on DEEN's screwdrivers.  It provides an effective grip, regardless of grasp position

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