DEEN 75-Degree Offset Double-Box Wrench 8x10mm


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      [Product specifications:]
      Overall length: 184mm

      This is the latest wrench series offering by DEEN.
      The availability of these deep-offset wrenches from European manufacturers has been very common; however, they did not offer size combinations that are common for the Japanese standard, such as 10x12 or 12x14mm.  Many voiced their hesitation toward acquiring a large number of wrenches with non-JIS sizes.  DEEN took these concerns to heart and produced a line of deep-offset wrenches to meet those demands.

      The contour on the beam of the wrench was deliberately shaped to provide a comfortable placement for the thumb when the wrench beam is grasped.  The ring ends feature minimal bevelling (bevelling is done to aid in smooth engagement of wrench to fastener) to provide a larger surface engagement between the wrench flats and fastener head. 

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