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DEEN 75 degree offset glasses wrench

DEEN 75 degree offset glasses wrench

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【Product Specifications】

This series is the newest lineup of DEEN glasses wrench.
A deep offset glasses wrench, which is often used in European manufacturers
There are many combinations of 1 millimeter, and combinations such as "10x12" and "12x14" that match the domestic car.
Because there is no, you have to prepare a lot of wrenches to prepare the necessary size.
There were many customers who hesitate.
In response to such customers' requests, 75 ° offset glasses wrench has appeared from DEEN.

A smooth and narrow shape that is easy to put your thumb when gripped,
The glasses are pumping (the necessary chamfer so that the wrench is easy to apply to the screw)
The torque transmission is given priority by reducing the extreme to the limit and increasing the contact surface with the screw.

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