DEEN Stricking Cap Screwdriver Set


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      Cross heads: +1, 2, 3
      Flat heads: -5, 6, 8

      This set consists of sizes that are most typically used.

      With a broad use of application in mind, our research and development arrived with a handle shape that is optimized to suit a wide array of gripping styles.
      With this chosen shape, either a vertical grasp, where the end of the handle is being wrapped by your palm and driving the fastener with your fingertips, or a side grasp which is suited for high-torque usage, both can be performed effectively.
      With the built-in hex bolster near the base of the handle, a suitable wrench can aid in providing the necessary break-away torque on stubborn fasteners.
      In addition to being a strickable screwdriver, the hexagonal shank offers greater torsional rigidity, making this a screwdriver suitable for the most demanding tasks.

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