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DEEN 3/8SQ air ratchet

DEEN 3/8SQ air ratchet

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Total length: 180mm
Weight: 589g


The black body looks like and at the same time the oil in the dirty hands at work

Stains stand out and have a very nice body.

The coupler of the insertion portion and rotating structure.

Because the hose was twisted work based on the state to prevent.

The throttle lever part of the calculation one curve structure hold when the fit is good.

Further,the lever pull condition in the rotational speed of the adjustment can be.

It momentum too by overtighten I would worry not.

Country in the largest air tool manufacturer of repair engineer to Japan, Air tools repair the master said,

"DEEN of the air check of the interior parts involved in that, then great!"

And the hallmark to our airline check in.

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