DEEN 3/8SQ mini air ratchet


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      "Stabilizer"in the appropriately named compact!!

      The usual Ratchet and comparison,the magnitude of the difference is nil.



      Total length: 125mm
      Weight: 496g
      Maximum torque(approx.): 34Nm

      Coupler 1 piece included


      Then, the socket removal is effortlessly able to push the release function, the

      Conveniently located in the popular air ratchet.

      2015-12-02 12.11.31.jpg

      In a narrow place of work, and the engine room is working but that there is to it!


      2015-12-02 12.12.00.jpg

      Mini air ratchet on your throttle lever, pull it,the lever, the larger can be improved.


      2015-12-02 12.12.39.jpg
      Then, the DEEN of the standard Ratchet and the same shape of the switch lever, so

      Other manufacturers of the product compared to the active switching of the operation process can be.


      Country in the largest air tool manufacturer of repair engineer to be,Japan's leading air tools repair the master said,

      "DEEN of the air check of the interior parts involved in that, then great!"

      And the hallmark to our airline check in.

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