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DEEN 3/8SQ mini air ratchet

DEEN 3/8SQ mini air ratchet

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Compact suitable for the name "Stabi" !!

There is almost no difference in size compared to normal ratchets.


The specifications are

Total length: 125mm
Weight: 496g
Maximum torque (standard): 34nm

1 coupler attached


And with a push release function that can easily remove the socket,

It is a convenient and popular air lachet.

There is no doubt that work in a small place and work in the engine room will be better!

The difficulty of pulling the throttle lever common in small aeracet has been improved by increasing the lever.

And it is a switching lever with the same shape as DEEN's standard drapet.

Switching operations during work can be smoothed compared to products from other manufacturers.

Take over the repair of the largest air tool maker in Japan,According to Meister, an air tool repair worker representing Japan,

"DEEN's Aerache is also concerned with internal parts and is wonderful!"

It is Aerache who received the drum!

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