DEEN sliding scraper for replaceable blades(steel 10 PCs.)


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      At first glance, just the razor looks...DEEN brand release to work for you.

      Actually this DEEN of the blade is the"double blade"with a conventional Blade, compared to about 2 times the thickness of the for for custom ordered.
      By this, good! And power at the top! And easy to fold it like so, reasonable"forgiveness"but is still, stable work possible.

      Also, the blade is fixed to the base part is in the photo, from the left and Right, 2 places to caulking processing in
      The lateral force to slide from the work when subjected to the scraper body from the blade out, and hurt like no.

      These processing,the craftsmen 1 piece 1 piece,performed by hand.
      After all,blades are consumables, and hard-to-use composition so that notwithstanding these were not, it is such a gem of sharpness please be proficient.

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