DEEN Ratcheting Stubby Bit Driver


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      [Product specifications:]
      Overall length: 95mm
      Handle length: 67mm
      Shank length: 28mm
      Shank diameter: 7.8mm
      Tooth count: 72-tooth
      Included bit: +2

      Rotating the silver collar sets the L/R direction, with a middle position for a non-ratcheting mode. The end of the shank contains a strong magnet to keep standard 1/4" hex bits in place (not compatible with double-ended bit).
      Since the shank is removable, you can quickly replace it with a longer 150mm long shank or with a 1/4 square drive shank (sold separately), making this ratcheting bit driver into a convenient tool to suit your working needs.
      With the shank removed, the driver takes up little space for storing.

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