DEEN Pistol Grip Style Ratcheting Bit Driver


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      [Product specifications:]
      Overall length: 255mm
      Handle length: 127mm
      Shank length: 128mm
      Shank diameter: 7.8mm
      Tooth count: 72-tooth
      Included bits:
      Cross head: +2 (x 2), 3
      In-hex: 3, 4, 5mm
      1/4 square bit adapter

      Rotating the silver collar sets the L/R direction, with a center position for a non-ratcheting mode.
      By depressing the button located on the center of the handle, you can quickly convert the driver into a pistol grip shape, giving you more leverage.
      By depressing the two "PUSH" buttons located on both sides of the handle, it will eject the bit storage compartment from the end of the handle.
      The end of the shank contains a strong magnet to keep standard 1/4" hex bits in place (not compatible with double-ended bit).
      Since the shank is removable, you can quickly replace it with a longer 150mm long shank or with a 1/4 square drive shank (sold separately), making this ratcheting bit driver into a convenient tool to suit your working needs.
      With the shank removed, the driver takes up little space for storing.

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