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DEEN Pistol Grip Style Ratcheting Bit Driver

DEEN Pistol Grip Style Ratcheting Bit Driver

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【Product Specifications】
Total length: 255mm
Handle length: 127mm
Axis length: 128mm
Axial diameter: 7.8mm
Number of gears: 72
[Attached bit]
Plus: 2 (2), 3
Hex: 3, 4, 5mm
1/4SQ bit

By turning the silver part at the tip of the handle, it is possible to switch right, fixation and left turn.
Various to the pistol grip by pressing the button in the center of the handle while holding it.
It will be easier to work with torque than a straight state.
Press the "Push" button on both sides on both sides of the handle.
Bit storage of the grip end opens.
Shank is to hold the bit with a magnet,
You can use a general 1/4 "bit (both head bits cannot be used).

In addition, shank can be replaced with 50mm shank or 1/4SQ shank sold separately.
You can choose the best one for the work content.
If you do not use it, you can store it compactly by removing the shank.

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