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DEEN Ratchet Glass Glicen

DEEN Ratchet Glass Glicen

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Usually, the glasses wrench is a"10 degree offset"and"45 degree offset"and so on Angle unifies it as a selling point to most, but this DEEN of the new ratchet glasses to○○degree of Offset and there is no concept.

Actually size and different Offset is employed for!

In the image below.

The length of the different wrench with the same offset as the total length of the short small size of the wrench on the loose for hand, and hold tightly to the things that are difficult.

On the contrary, the total length of the long large size wrench is the rising that is,the side opposite to interfere with it.

DEEN's new ratchet glasses adopted the offset is actually the angle preferred, not【About 33 mm】An ideal space to hold parts gives, assuming a trench the entire length of the glasses from the angle of the part out and reverse the ideas from being born, for 10 mm to 17 mm hand firmly and work that makes it possible for you!

The wrench body is super long glasses used like the edgy shape of the thumb from the group! Pushing it is also very and easy to see.

Even though the angle of the chamfer being of a hand becomes painful things is nil.

The ratchet part of the large Minutes, hold you hand flat in the wrench will have you playing things a bit more torque and are easy to see by!

Also, the glasses part of the"counterbore"with the glasses, the inside surface is a dare not, this is also the edge of the stand design. (The frame is the processed common glasses wrench)

This chamfering of the screw is for ease in favor of processing, but of course that screws against the snagged area is narrow best...... A little more screws to uniform force transmission for the impact of The Shape of it.

Thus, everywhere in the DEEN Department of Commerce studded with great finish. 7 years after finally completed the gem of the new generation tool is still experience, and have definitely the feeling of using, so be sure to come back!

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