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DEEN the wire stripper

DEEN the wire stripper

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[Product specifications]
Total length: 210mm
Stripping capacity:0.13〜8.0㎟(26-8AWG)
Extra・Stripping function: 0.05㎟, 8.0㎟
Wire cutting capacity:6.0㎟
0.5〜6.0㎟non-insulated・insulated terminal crimp
7.0〜8.0㎟of the ignition terminal crimp

0.13 ~ 6.0㎟between if adjustments are easy to install without the need to film more can.

The micro Adjuster screw and adjust
The lower limit is 0. 05mm2, the upper limit is 8. 0mm2 film more can.

A simple cable cutting, crimping function of the tool have to replace the wiring work becomes possible.

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