DEEN Multi-Purpose Scissors (Long)


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    • Sku: DNP-908SC
    • type: PLIER
    • manufacturer: DEENTOOLS
    • description

      [Product specifications]
      Overall length: 155mm
      Blade length: 56mm

      [Cutting capacity]
      Soft wire: approximately 4.5mm
      Copper sheet: 0.5mm thickness
      Cable ties and other related plastics

      The multi-purpose scissors have been widely accepted by electricians and mechanics for their utility and cutting performance.  Due to popular demand, a second model has been introduced with a longer blade length.
      Sometimes used in medical tools or kitchen knives, the blades on these scissors feature a molybdenum vanadium alloy in combination with stainless steel to provide the necessary cutting performance and corrosion resistance. An useful pair of scissors for the professional.

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