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DEEN Multi-Purpose Scissors (Long)

DEEN Multi-Purpose Scissors (Long)

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【Product Specifications】
Total length: 155mm
Blade migration: 56mm

Cutting ability: Up to about 4.5mm soft line cable
Copper plate 0.5mm thick
Cable tie or resin material of the same system

A long type that has been a long -time request to DEEN's versatile scissors, which has been acclaimed by a wide range of people, from electricity -related customers to automotive mechanic, has appeared.

Stainless steel is blended with a molybdenum vanaden material called a molybdenum banaden, and stainless steels used in kitchen knives for professionals, so for high -grade professional professionals that add a rust prevention effect on the stickiness and toughness. It is a versatile scissors.

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