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DEEN 75-Degree Offset 5pc Double-Box Wrench Set

DEEN 75-Degree Offset 5pc Double-Box Wrench Set

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8x10, 10x12, 12x14, 14x17, 17x19mm

Now it is the most new lineup of DEEN's wrench.
Why did you join a lin -up? It is nothing but popular.

In the first place, the glasses wrench with such a deep angle was not a lineup of domestic tool manufacturers, and many were only European manufacturers.
However, there is no lin -up of the so -called "Japanese size" combination such as 10x12mm or 12x14mm in European manufacturers.
Many customers were hesitant to buy.
Therefore, this wrench was made in response to the voice.
Not only the size combination but also "Japanese size" is also included.
However, the great thing about this wrench is not the only size.
Not only is it just made, but sometimes, while listening to the user's opinions, it is a wrench full of constraints that have been repeatedly prototyped, imagining various situations when actually working.

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