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DEEN wrench ring・silver

DEEN wrench ring・silver

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DEEN15 anniversary created, the trench shape of the ring is.

Even before the various manufacturers in The Shape of the tool or accessories is sold come, but
This elaborate trench that mimics the shape of all the accessories made ever has in......
With a wrench The Shape of a seemingly simple shape that mimics the accessories, the Create
Spanner and The Shape of the glasses part of the 12-Gon to clean up that thing, but,
With tens of thousands of yen to within a high degree of perfection to create a ring that is impossible told.

So,DEEN wrench in The Shape of an elaborate ring to make a,,,.

I,DEEN birth from the time of the factory gear available as for
The Japanese accessories of the craftsman who put your hands up, and repeated that we had no end,
Finally finished this"marketing"it.

The shape for the spanner portion.
Firmly in the face and took the glasses portion.

DEEN features an almost perfect representation of the ring was born.

Aging is fun for silver and smooth,stain resistant stainless steel 2 types available.

【When ordering, please check】
This product is made to order for the order after returns, exchanges, resizing is basically available, please.
Therefore, the method of payment also by Bank transfer,card payment only please thank you.
Please note like,Thank you.

About the delivery time,after receiving the order and approximately 1 to 1.5 months as in completing the process.

* Photo of Ring of the glasses part of the inside look black, but when shooting light impact.
The real thing is this part of the Silver did you know.....

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