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DEEN Wrench Holders for Double-Row Magnetic Rail

DEEN Wrench Holders for Double-Row Magnetic Rail

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A wrench clip that can be used for DEEN's magnet multi -socket holder (ALMD300).
10 pieces




The socket holder can be used as a wrench holder

The tool clip is new.

Tool clip (10 YAC11)

If you look at the results earlier, you can use it like this.


The base is this magnetic multi -socket rail (ALMD300

Total length: 305mm width: 65mm

(Single rail specifications have been released by each company, but even if the wrench is fixed on the single rail

Since it turns around, the base of the double rail specification is recommended).


Until now, on this railSocket clip(1/4SQ CP1421, 3/8SQ CP3821, 1/2SQ CP4121


This was the main use.



If you attach this tool clip like the ears of the new rabbit that appeared this time




It can be used as a wrench holder.




If you try it on the vertical surface, the base magnet is powerful, so it will not fall even if you have a 32mm combination.


It is also a recommended point that it can be stored in a wrench and a socket mix.





If you attach it to the drawer on the horizontal surface, the position is fixed thanks to the powerful magnet.

If you notice, you will not go to the back of the drawer.



The depression in the center of the rabbit's ear is doing a good job again.




When the small axis driver is inserted, the shaft is fixed to this depression and the grip part is floating.

There is no effect from the grounding surface & it is fixed firmly with double clip. Is it cool?




Tool clips that extend the use of rail -based storage equipment (10 yacs)

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