DEEN Wrench Holders for Double-Row Magnetic Rail


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      The wrench holders are to be used in conjunction with DEEN's double-row magnetic rail (ALMD300). Contains 10 pieces.


      This photo illustrates the new wrench holder slid into DEEN's double-row magnetic rail (ALMD300).


      Length: 305mm width: 65mm

      (Single rail version are available in the market; however, using the wrench holders on the single rail types would not prevent the wrench from rotating.  For the reason we recommend the wrench holders to be used on the double-row version only.)


      Previously, these Socket Holders (1/4 drive: CP1421, 3/8 drive: CP3821, 1/2 drive: CP4121) were the only accessories available.


      Together with the double-row rail, this was a typical arrangement, where different drive sizes combinations could be used.



      These "rabbit ears" provide the tension.




      Wrench holders in use.




      Placing the rail vertically, the wrench holders have enough holding power to keep a 32mm wrench in place, and the powerful neodymium magnet on the base of the rail prevents the whole assembly from sliding down.


      Play around with different tools to secure.





      Of course, with the rail positioned horizontally in a drawer, repeated opening and closing does not upset the position of the holder.



      Looking closer at the "rabbit ears", there is a peculiar design at the center.  This is a built-in feature.




      Taking a screwdriver as an example, the shaft can be inserted into the "rabbit ears" and positions itself at the recessed center.  With the shaft being held above the drawer surface, this provides ample room for the handle portion of a tool, such as a screwdriver.




      As you can see from the photos, this rail system is given further versatility with the addition of the wrench holders. (part # YAC11  Contains 10 pieces)

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