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DEEN headlight coating kit

DEEN headlight coating kit

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Headlights, tail lights, visor, etc., clouded areas to wash the coating can kit.[Notes]
・When a protective glasses, rubber gloves, etc, be sure to wear please.
・Construction parts of sand, dust, you may always removed from the work please.
・Construction of other portions of the product with like masking tape, Spa, premium amenities make use of convenient amenities such as Please.
・After use always cap to close early to use the cut-out.
Contents: coating 8ml,cleanser 50ml, sponge

【Washing instructions】
1. To close the cap in a state cleaner, shake well
2. Soft cloth, etc. in the product construction part of the painting stretched, please
3.10~20 seconds later, the dirt is raised up and came from the water, wet,stiff diaphragm or cross wipe on please.
4. Dry cross wipe up better dry.

【Coating procedure]
1. Coat using a sponge of the White felt surface of the product dosage take the liquid from it so as not to not polite to spread please.
2. After coating, more than 12 hours of Water time dry.
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