DEEN J Extra-Thin 13x15 Double Open End Wrench


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      * Other sizes in image not included.
      The idea of offering extra-thin, low-profile open end wrenches stemmed from customers inquiring about wanting thin wrenches that could stand up to regular use.

      This product is still under further development, but with the OEM of these wrenches being famous for supplying large French and American tool companies, you can be assured that the product is of sufficient quality.
      Being a DEEN J brand, we would like to collect as much user feedback to further refine this product to become an official DEEN branded tool.

      【Specs (mm)】

      8x10---thickness 2.5, overall length 175
      10x12---thickness 2.5, overall length 175
      11x13---thickness 3.4, overall length 210
      12x14---thickness 3.4, overall length 210
      13x15---thickness 3.4, overall length 210
      14x17---thickness 3.4, overall length 210

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