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DEEN Speeder T type handle

DEEN Speeder T type handle

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It is a new DEEN Speeder T -type handle that has been released smoothly with the rotation of the speeder.
Based on the voice of DEEN J's speeder handle user, we have reviewed the overall length and improved the holding power of the bit.

In addition, in order to reduce the rattling part of the Joint part of the T -type slide handle and the speeder extension, the tolerance of the square hall on the speeder extension side was designed to the limit.
When not in use, remove the slide handle to be compact, so it does not take up space when carrying or storing.

[Note] Since the speeder extension is designed slightly smaller than the conventional 1/4SQ, there may not be any insertion angle of the 1/4SQ tool sold separately.
It is a special design for reducing the rattling of the conversation with the T -type slide handle of the set, so it is not a bug.
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