DEEN Quick-Adjust Water Pump Pliers Version 2 (250mm)


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    • Sku: DNWP-250V2
    • type: PLIER
    • manufacturer: DEENTOOLS
    • description

      [Product specifications:]
      Overall length: 256mm
      Maximum opening width: 42mm

      Conventional water pump pliers typically require a button to be depressed for any adjustments to be made. DEEN, under joint development with a German pliers manufacturer, produced a pair of pliers that doesn't require the user to operate a button to make opening adjustments. Simply spread the handles open to make your adjustment, then the action of closing the handles together engages the mechanism to locking position.
      By further increasing the available adjustment position, the plier handles can be grasped more comfortably and allow you to more effectively work hold your piece.
      The tips of the jaws have a slim profile to help with more precise holding tasks.
      The profile on the center of the jaws are optimized for more secure holding tasks.

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