DEEN Harley Davidson Portable Tool Roll Kit (Set 1)


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      A relatively compact, portable tool kit that is suitable for working on routine maintenance, along with those times when a quick adjustment or fastening is needed during your motorcycle road trip.

      Save ¥4,690 compared to buying each item separately!!

      ・DEEN Combination Wrench 3/8"
      ・DEEN Combination Wrench 7/16"
      ・DEEN Combination Wrench 1/2"
      ・DEEN Combination Wrench 9/16"
      ・DEEN Short Combination Wrench 10mm
      ・DEEN Sparkplug Wrench 16mm
      ・DEEN 3/8 Drive Sliding T-handle
      ・DEEN Hex Key Set (SAE)
      ・DEEN TORX Key Set
      ・KNIPEX Pliers Wrench (150mm)
      ・KO-KEN Reversible Blade Screwdriver
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